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Morgan's Graphic Shop!!! xD Empty Morgan's Graphic Shop!!! xD

Post by ˩ιʌɛ Ƴσʋя ˩ιʌɛ!!!! on Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:06 am

i only do avatars and siggies!
just ask me for aything and i will do it!
have fun!

• If you dislike the way I made your order in anyway, DO NOT hesitate to ask me to
change it. If it's going to be an image you use, it should be the way YOU like it. ;D
• Forms are dumb. >:U Just tell me what you want.
• Please don't order something from my shop & not use it.
It takes a lot of work to make these graphics.
• Please be patient. Some orders take longer than others.
• Don't take my examples.
• DO NOT take my credit. I take this very seriously.
˩ιʌɛ Ƴσʋя ˩ιʌɛ!!!!
˩ιʌɛ Ƴσʋя ˩ιʌɛ!!!!

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