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The Official Rules of TH Empty The Official Rules of TH

Post by Adorkable on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:21 pm

These are some rules to follow to make TH the best it can be!

• No Spamming, such as "xD", "lol.", or "...". Spam stands for stupid, pointless, annoying messages.

• No sexual harrassment of any kind.

• No cussing.

• Bullying/fighting will not be tolerated. Please respect your peers.

• Please do no type in red or dark blue. They are used for Admins & Moderators only.

• Please no multiple accounts.

• Do not hack or attempt to hack. (If we find you trying to hack TH, your account will be deleted &
you will never be welcomed here again.)

• Please do not ask to be staff.

- TH Staff
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